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Workplace Violence

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Joint Programme on Workplace Violence in the Health Sector
What is this website about

The "Framework Guidelines for Addressing Workplace Violence in the Health Sector" are intended to support all those responsible for safety in the workplace, be it governments, employers, workers, trade unions, professional bodies or members of the public. The tool will guide you through the complexity of issues to be considered when developing anti-violence policies and strategies for all work-settings in the health sector. These can be adapted to meet local and national needs and constraints.

A number of country studies as well as cross-cutting theme studies were realized to fill major information gaps and provide evidence for the drafting of guidelines to address workplace violence in the health sector.

This website presents all study reports and working papers of the Joint Programme, as well as the study protocol developed for the country case studies. The documents of the Joint Programme are published to stimulate further discussion in the area of workplace violence, encourage fact-finding research in other countries and support initiatives at international, national and local levels. It is required that credit be given to the Joint Programme in the event that the material of the case study protocol used for further studies by reasearchers.

Framework guidelines addressing workplace violence in the health sector

- English version [pdf 624kb]
- French version [pdf 704kb]
- Spanish version [pdf 1.1Mb]
- Russian version [pdf 423kb]

Information leaflets

- English version [pdf 752kb]
- French version [pdf 271kb]
- Spanish version [pdf 287kb]

Country case studies

- Australia [pdf 484kb]
- Brazil [pdf 1.9Mb]
- Bulgaria [pdf 2.2Mb]
- Lebanon [pdf 668kb]
- Mozambique [pdf 365kb]
- Portugal [pdf 1.6Mb]
- Thailand [pdf 420kb]
- South Africa [pdf 2.2Mb]

Research instruments

- Questionnaire [pdf 341kb]
- Focus group guidelines [pdf 134kb]
- Research protocol [pdf 151kb]
- Sample design [pdf 68kb]

Working papers

- Workplace violence in the health sector: Synthesis report [pdf 326kb]
- Workplace violence in the health sector: State of the art [pdf 329kb]
- Management of workplace violence victims [pdf 390kb]
- Relationship of work stress and workplace violence in the health sector [pdf 552 kb]
- Comparison of major known guidelines and strategies [pdf 528kb]

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