Violence and Injury Prevention

Injuries and violence: the facts

The following are a few key figures which visually describe global data on injuries and violence. The figures are largely based on data from The global burden of disease: 2004 update, and appear as figures in Injuries and violence: the facts released in 2010. The figures are downloadable, and may be reproduced in articles, presentations, publications, etc. with the following citation: Injuries and violence: the facts. Geneva, World Health Organization, 2010.

The scale of the problem

About 5.8 million people die each year as a result of injuries. This accounts for 10% of the world's deaths, 32% more than the number of fatalities that result from malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS combined.

How injuries claim lives

Nearly one third of the 5.8 million deaths from injuries are the result of violence and nearly one quarter are the result of road traffic crashes. (...)

Injury deaths rise in rank

Injuries are a growing problem: the three leading causes of death globally from injuries are all predicted to rise in rank compared to other causes of death. (...)

Injuries are a leading killer of youth

Injuries affect all age groups but have a particular impact on young people. (...)

The injury pyramid

The millions of deaths that result from injuries represent only a small fraction of those injured. (...)

Injury and violence kill more men than women

Almost twice as many men as women die as a result of injuries and violence each year. (...)

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Violence and injuries: the facts (2010)

This publication provides the most up to date global data on violence and injuries, their causes and consequences and measures to prevent them.

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