Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability (VIP)

Final report of the Council of Europe’s project

Responses to violence in everyday life in a democratic society

WHO took part in the second meeting of the drafting group for the final report of the their project, Responses to violence in everyday life in a democratic society, held in Strasbourg, France on 25-27 February 2004. This three year project, begun in 2002, highlights responses to violence throughout Europe to provide Member States with the best knowledge in order to address everyday violence. The project’s three main themes are policy principles, social development and prevention strategies. It aims to define general principles that govern national policies to address violence; identify means to prevent violence related to cultural and religious diversity, social exclusion, extreme poverty and human trafficking; and define specific actions including youth advocacy, victims’ services, and legal mediation.

The project is currently developing a database of related resources and building a network of monitoring centres. Recommendations and guidelines, good practice compendia, teaching manuals and other implementation tools on specific topics will be disseminated at the end of the project.