Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability (VIP)

WHO releases TEACH-VIP, a comprehensive CD-ROM-based curriculum for injury and violence prevention and control

10 October 2005

In advance of its official release today, more than 800 copies of the TEACH-VIP curriculum have already been reserved through the web site of WHO's Department of Injuries and Violence Prevention. Such is the level of interest in this CD-ROM-based training tool, developed over a three-year period by WHO and a network of over sixty global injury and violence prevention experts across nineteen countries. TEACH-VIP, created to fulfill the demand on the part of governments and professional groups for knowledge in the area of injuries and violence, covers a wide range of topics, including: application of key injury prevention and control principles; design of effective surveillance systems; collection and assessment of injury data; development of preventive programmes and policies; and evaluation of intervention measures. The course material is designed around a classroom instruction model, with PowerPoint slide presentations, supporting lecture notes, and learning exercises which address a full range of topics relevant to injury and violence prevention and control. In the lead up to its release, between September 2004 and June 2005, TEACH-VIP was successfully pilot tested in more than twenty settings worldwide. TEACH-VIP is one part of a larger project on capacity building for injury and violence prevention, and a draft strategy on the topic is currently being finalized. Through the strategy, WHO will continue to strengthen the TEACH-VIP training material and its implementation, while also contributing to address other capacity building needs that fall within WHO's mandate.