Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability (VIP)

New violence prevention initiative launched in Scotland

On 31 March the collaborative initiative to support the development and implementation of violence prevention policies in low- and middle-income countries was launched at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. The collaboration comprises of WHO, the Scottish Government and the University of St Andrews. WHO was represented by Dr Alex Butchart and Ms Alison Gehring from WHO's Department for Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability. Partner organisations and invited stakeholders, including the Minister for Community Justice, attended the launch to hear about the programme goals and to discuss how the Scottish experience through the Violence Reduction Unit - the national centre of expertise on tackling violent crime through a multisectoral preventative approach - can be used to meet these goals. The importance of this unprecedented collaborative initiative around violence prevention was highlighted as well as the value of reciprocal shared learning. Partner organizations demonstrated a clear commitment to the aims of the programme and strong foundations were set for programme development and delivery.

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