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No Helmet, No Ride – a new helmet campaign calls on Kenyans to abide by the national helmet law or face the consequences

The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation of Kenya, in collaboration with WHO, jointly launched a national motorcycle helmet campaign entitled No Helmet, No Ride. The campaign aims to raise awareness on the consequences of failing to wear a helmet and to help boost helmet use among all motorcycle users (riders and their passengers) to save lives and reduce the strain on the national health care system.

The launch of this social marketing campaign is part of a multi-year effort entitled the Road Safety in 10 Countries (RS10) Project that started in 2010. In Kenya the RS10 Project aims to address not only the non-use of helmets, but also speeding – among the leading factors that increase the risk of road traffic crashes, deaths and injuries.

The No Helmet, No Ride campaign includes a series of posters, billboards, and radio adverts. The campaign is accompanied by stricter enforcement of helmet legislation by the police.