Violence and Injury Prevention

University of New Hampshire and WHO release new document to improve efforts to prevent children's exposure to violence

A new publication entitled Improving efforts to prevent children's exposure to violence: a handbook for defining programme theory and planning for evaluation in the new evidence-based culture was published by the Crimes against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire in the United States and WHO. The handbook aims to help programme developers and implementers from nongovernmental organizations and other development agencies make better use of existing research and plan for evaluation when designing and implementing programmes to prevent violence against children. In doing so, it will help those groups as they apply for funding to ensure that their proposed programmes will ultimately contribute to the evidence base on what works to prevent such violence. In recent years, funders of programme work in child maltreatment prevention have come to recognize the importance of identifying and building on proven solutions. They are increasingly asking applicants to explain how their proposed programmes are informed by current research and to outline their plans to evaluate their effectiveness. As such this handbook can serve as a resource for such groups to improve their ability to meet the current expectations of funders.