Violence and Injury Prevention

Special Issue of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence to highlight violence against people with disability

The Special Issue will be published in print form in November 2014, but the eight papers included in it and the introduction are already available on Journal of Interpersonal Violence OnlineFirst at:

This Special Issue addresses an area that has long been neglected. People with disabilities make up some 15% of the world’s population. Compared to their nondisabled peers, children with disabilities have a threefold increased risk of being victims of violence, while adults with disability have a 50% higher chance of being victims of violence, raising to a threefold increased risk for people with mental health conditions. The papers that make up the Special Issue are:

  • Introduction to Special Issue on Violence Against People With Disability by Christopher Mikton and Tom Shakespeare
  • Examining the Impact of Disability Status on Intimate Partner Violence Victimization in a Population sample by Josephine Hahn, Marie McCormick, Jay Silverman, Elise Robinson, and Karestan Koenen
  • Developing an Evidence Base for Violent and Disablist Hate Crime in Britain: Findings from the Life Opportunities Survey by Eric Emerson and Alan Roulstone
  • Prevalence and experiences of intimate partner violence against women with disabilities in Bangladesh: results of a sequential exploratory mixed method study by Md. Tanvir Hasan, Tisa Muhaddes, Suborna Camellia, Nasima Selim, Sabina Faiz Rashid
  • The prevalence and psychological costs of household violence by family members against women with disabilities in Cambodia by Jill Astbury and Fareen Walji
  • Intimate Partner Violence in the Relationships of Men with Disabilities in the US: Relative Prevalence and Health Correlates by Monika Mitra and Vera E. Mouradian
  • Looking Beyond Prevalence: A Demographic Profile of Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence with Disabilities by Michelle Ballan, Molly Freyer, C. Nathan Marti, Jules Perkel, Katie Webb, and Meghan Romanelli
  • Sexual victimization of youth with a physical disability: An examination of prevalence rates, and risk and protective factors by Katrin Mueller-Johnson, Manuel P. Eisner, Ingrid Obsuth
  • A systematic review of the effectiveness of interventions to prevent and respond to violence against persons with disabilities by Christopher Mikton, Holly Maguire, and Tom Shakespeare