Violence and Injury Prevention

E-bikes and related legislation focus of seminar in China

On 16 February, a seminar on e-bike legislation in China was held by WHO and the Public Law Research Center of the Tsinghua University School of Law. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss findings from the review of e-bike legislation conducted by Tsinghua University in order to gain consensus on a way forward for addressing the challenges that e-bikes pose to road traffic injuries and fatalities, in particular through legislative change.

Attendees included representatives from various parts of government, Deans of the Tsinghua University and Peking University Schools of Law, officials from the Global Road Safety Partnership and WHO, as well as journalists. Participants agreed on several areas that need to be addressed, including technical requirements for e-bikes to ensure there is a standard for their safe production; risky road user behaviour such as speeding and failing to use helmets; and the need for increased coordination from all government sectors to address these challenges.

Next steps include further refining proposals for legislative reform based on input from participants and prioritizing which of those can be addressed in the short term.

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