Violence and Injury Prevention

INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children

Over the past year, up to one billion children have experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence. One in four children suffer physical abuse, and nearly one in five girls is sexually abused at least once in their lives. WHO in collaboration with the US CDC, UNICEF, End Violence Against Children, PAHO, PEPFAR, Together for Girls, UNODC, USAID and World Bank launched a technical package containing seven interlinked strategies that have shown success in reducing violence against children. The initiative, launched with the support of the newly established Global Partnership to End Violence against Children, aims to help countries to achieve the SDGs, in particular SDG target 16.2 to "end abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and torture of children", and implementation of World Health Assembly resolution WHA69.5 on the WHO global plan of action to address interpersonal violence, in particular against women and girls, and against children.