Violence and Injury Prevention

Gender-based Violence Prevention Networks launches first of its kind web site

23 August 2004

In early August the Gender-based Violence Prevention Network launched the first supra-regional website focusing on the prevention of gender-based violence in Africa. The website is filled with the experiences, innovations and knowledge of over 100 member organizations throughout the Horn, East and Southern Africa. The website is the virtual community or meeting place for Network members and other colleagues and friends interested in violence prevention in the region. It is a place for exchange, learning and dialogue. It is also a place where often hard to find regional and international resources about gender-based violence can be accessed. Members have been providing life-saving services for women and girls for many years. Increasingly, there is also the recognition that energy, intellect and resources must be invested into programs that work to prevent violence against women from occurring. It is hoped that the experiences shared and relationships built through the Network and the web site will contribute to stronger gender-based violence prevention programs throughout the region.

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