Violence and Injury Prevention

Global Burn Registry Form

The Global Burn Registry Form is brief, consisting primarily of check boxes covering important aspects of burns. The form should be completed by a clinician after any emergent care has been provided. After completion of the paper form, it is uploaded electronically via DataCol, a WHO-administered web-based data entry platform.

The form characterizes the main risk factors and mechanisms for burns requiring inpatient care, as well as the main risk groups for burns. It has been designed to be used around the world without modification. The form is available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Currently the form is being pilot tested in 46 hospitals within 26 countries. The coverage includes hospitals that are located in all 6 of the WHO world regions, and includes hospitals in high-income as well as low- and middle-income countries. Pilot testing will continue to the end of June, 2014 after which the instrument will be evaluated and refined on the basis of feedback received. WHO expects to be able to make the final version of the Global Burn Registry Form available for general use in the latter half of 2014.