Violence and Injury Prevention

VIP News Alerts

WHO's Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability issues regular News Alerts to inform key partners about important new international policy documents and resolutions, WHO publications and other key events in the fields of violence and injury prevention and disability.

Latest issues

  • News Alert 15
    pdf, 111kb

    New world report shows more than 1 billion people with disabilities face substantial barriers in their daily lives
    15 June 2011
  • News Alert 14
    pdf, 111kb

    World Health Assembly adopts resolution targeted at saving the lives of children from injury
    24 May 2011
  • News Alert 13
    pdf, 45kb

    WHO releases guidelines on community-based rehabilitation for people with disabilities
    27 October 2010
  • News Alert 12
    pdf, 46kb

    WHO and LSHTM release new manual on preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women
    22 September 2010
  • News Alert 11
    pdf, 54kb

    First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety calls for a Decade of Action
    27 November 2009
  • News Alert 10
    pdf, 65kb

    WHO study reveals that nearly one half of all deaths on the roads are people not in cars.
    22 June 2009
  • News Alert 9
    pdf, 104kb

    WHO releases special theme issue of Bulletin on childhood injuries and violence.
    05 May 2009
  • News Alert 8
    pdf, 54kb

    WHO and UNICEF launch the first World report on child injury prevention.
    10 December 2008
  • News Alert 7
    pdf, 65kb

    New web site highlights what works to prevent violence.
    25 November 2008
  • News Alert 6
    pdf, 54kb

    Launch of the Guidelines on the provision of manual wheelchairs in less resourced settings.
    25 August 2008
  • News Alert 5
    pdf, 263kb

    Preventing violence and reducing its impact: how development agencies can help.
    18 June 2008
  • News Alert 4
    pdf, 267kb

    61st World Health Assembly adopts resolution on "Strategies to reduce the harmful use of alcohol".
    23 May 2008
  • News Alert 3
    pdf, 270kb

    New World Health Statistics report predicts increases in injuries and violence by 2030.
    22 May 2008
  • News Alert 2
    pdf, 279kb

    Manual for estimating the economic costs of injuries due to interpersonal and self-directed violence.
    21 May 2008
  • News Alert 1
    pdf, 269kb

    Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities enters into force.
    02 May 2008