Violence and Injury Prevention

"Album" poster series

WHO has commissioned three series of violence prevention posters, each depicting images relating to various forms of violence. This black and white "Album" series depicts how lives can be scarred forever due to violence. What for some could be snapshots of cherished memories are, for survivors of violence, a remembrance of wounds with lifelong consequences. The images underscore the notion that the psychological and physical consequences of violence can last years and sometimes a life time.

The posters, prepared by Fabrica, the renowned creative design company based in Venice, Italy, serve as visual support to the awareness-raising Global Campaign for Violence Prevention and the World report on violence and health. The posters are currently available in English and French.

Youth violence

Poster text reads: "More than 540 adolescents and young adults die every day as a result of interpersonal violence: more than 20 deaths each hour."

Child abuse and neglect

Poster text reads: "Millions of children suffer abuse and neglect at the hands of their parents and other caregivers."

Intimate partner violence

Poster text reads: "1 in 2 female murder victims are killed by their male partners, often during an ongoing abusive relationship."

Elder abuse

Poster text reads: "1 in 20 older people experience some form of abuse in their home."

Sexual violence

Poster text reads: "1 in 4 women experience sexual abuse by an intimate partner in their lifetime."

Self-directed violence

Poster text reads: "Every 40 seconds 1 person commits suicide somewhere in the world."

Collective violence

Poster text reads: "More than 800 people die every day as a direct result of violent conflict: more than 30 deaths each hour."

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