Violence and Injury Prevention


The following tables are from the statistical annexes of the Global status report on road safety 2013. Each table gives the detailed data of a specific topic by country/area.

Road traffic deaths and proportion of deaths by road user, by country area (table A.2)

Post-crash response by country/area (table A.3)

Speed laws and enforcement by country/area (table A.4)

Drinking and driving laws, enforcement and road traffic deaths attributed to alcohol by country/area (table A.5)

Helmet laws, enforcement and wearing rates by country/area (table A.6)

Seat-belt and child restraint laws, enforcement and wearing rates by country/area (table A.7)

Mobile phone laws by country/area (table A.8)

Road safety management, strategies and targets by country/area (table A.9)

Safer mobility by country/area (table A.10)

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