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The following tables are from the statistical annexes of the Global status report on road safety. Each table gives the detailed data of a specific topic by country/area. See a general overview of the key facts, but first please read the explanatory facts available in these downloads:
English [pdf 114kb] | French [pdf 150kb] | Spanish [pdf 285kb]

Vehicles, road traffic deaths and proportion of road users (table A.2)

Drinking and driving laws, enforcement and road traffic deaths attributed to alcohol (table A.3)

Seat-belt and child restraint laws, enforcement and wearing rates (table A.4)

Speed laws and enforcement (table A.5)

Helmet laws, enforcement and wearing rates (table A.6)

Road safety management, strategies and policies (table A.7)

Pre-hospital care systems (table A.8)

The statistical annexes:
English [pdf 248kb] | French [pdf 1.8Mb] | Spanish [pdf 560kb]

The 2009 Global status report for road safety database is on the WHO Global Health Observatory (GHO) web page, which has a feature for an "export" into an Excel spreadsheet.

Once you get to the GHO page, go to the Database Tab and click on the "Injuries and Violence" topic and choose "Road Safety". Under the Road Safety topic, you will find the data under the following sub sections. For each page, there is an option to view the data on line as well as for an "export."

Road Safety sub-sections:

  • Demographic and socio-economic statistics
  • Registered vehicles
  • Mortality
  • National Legislation
  • Institutional Framework
  • Policy
  • Emergency care

Please use the following citation when quoting these data:
Source: Global status report on road safety. Geneva, World Health Organization, 2009.

Global status report on road safety 2009



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