Violence and Injury Prevention

Statements on the importance of the report

Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General

"We have much of the knowledge and experience and many of the tools needed to make our transport systems safe and healthy. Building safer vehicles and roads, designing infrastructure with the protection of pedestrians and cyclists in mind, enhancing public transport and improving our personal behaviour on the roads would reduce injuries and contribute to healthier populations generally."

Dr Chan's statement at the launch of the Global status report on road safety.

Mr Michael Bloomberg, Head of Bloomberg Philanthropies and Mayor of New York city

“For the first time, we have solid data to hold us accountable and to target our efforts. Road safety must be part of all transport planning efforts, particularly at this moment of focus on infrastructure improvements and road building by many countries around the globe.”

Dr Etienne Krug, Director of the WHO Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability

“Our roads are particularly unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists who, without the protective shell of a car around them, are more vulnerable. These road users need to be given increased attention. Measures such as building sidewalks, raised crossings and separate lanes for two wheelers; reducing drink-driving and excessive speed; increasing the use of helmets and improving trauma care are some of the interventions that could save hundreds of thousands of lives every year."

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Global status report on road safety 2009



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