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WHO supported road safety activities in Ethiopia

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Background and road safety situation

Ethiopia has a population of 71.3 million people and a gross domestic product of US$ 11.2 billion. There are a number of issues to address in road safety in Ethiopia, including major risk factors, coordination of road safety work, institutional capacity
and data collection systems. Ethiopia has recently developed a national road safety action plan.

Current WHO supported projects in Ethiopia

Strengthening the road traffic injury data management capacity

WHO is working with the Traffic Police Department of Addis Ababa city to strengthen its road traffic injury data management capacity. The project focuses on: the development of an easy-to-use data collection form; a computer-based data analysis system; training the traffic police officers on data management; developing a small resource centre; and promoting collaboration among key stakeholders in road traffic safety.

Based on a recent review of the project and taking into account emerging national road safety programme, from 2008, WHO support will be tailored to:

  • support data system development that is being undertaken nationwide by the National Road Safety Coordination Office;
  • support overall development of road safety programme in Ethiopia,
  • support a few key areas in the national road safety programme (speed, pedestrian safety, commercial public transport safety); and
  • improve dissemination of results from road safety work.
Strengthening Ethiopia's injury surveillance system

In addition to working with the police to improve road traffic accident statistics, WHO is collaborating with the Ministry of Health to improve its injury surveillance system in hospitals and conduct a community-based injury survey which will provide more information about non-fatal outcomes of road traffic crashes as well as risk factors.

For more information about these projects please contact Dr Kunuz Abdella ( in our WHO Ethiopia office who coordinates these activities.

Previously supported projects in Ethiopia

Strengthening the road traffic injury data management capacity of the traffic police department in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. More information


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