Violence and Injury Prevention

Violence prevention: the evidence

Violence prevention: the evidence is a set of briefings on what works to prevent interpersonal violence (including against women and girls), and self-directed violence. By spotlighting the evidence for effectiveness, the briefings provide clear directions for how funders, policy makers and programme implementers can boost the impact of their violence prevention efforts for women and girls, men and boys. It is available in English, French and Spanish.

You can either download the seven briefings and the overview in an all-in-one document or download them each separately.

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Preventing violence through the development of
safe, stable and nurturing relationships
between children and their parents and caregivers

Download [pdf 484kb]

Preventing violence by developing life skills
in children and adolescents

Download [pdf 353kb]

Preventing violence by reducing
the availability and harmful use of alcohol

Download [pdf 632kb]

Guns, knives and pesticides:
reducing access to lethal means

Download [pdf 382kb]

Promoting gender equality
to prevent violence against women

Download [pdf 591kb]

Changing cultural and social norms
that support violence

Download [pdf 933kb]

Reducing violence through
victim identification, care and support programmes

Download [pdf 286kb]

Violence Prevention Evidence Base and Resources
This website provides an evidence-based resource for policy makers, practitioners, and others working to prevent violence. It includes a searchable data base of abstracts from published studies that measure the effectiveness of interventions to prevent child abuse, elder abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual violence and youth violence; key publications and resources on violence and its prevention; news and updates from the field of violence prevention; and links to relevant organizations.