Violence and Injury Prevention

Armed Violence Prevention Programme

The Armed Violence Prevention Programme (AVPP) began as a collaboration between WHO and the UNDP. Phase 1 activities of the AVPP saw global and country level work focusing on Brazil and El Salvador. Following a broad based mid-term consultative review, a number of additional UN agencies expressed a desire to be involved in Phase 2 of AVPP, which will see the country level work of the programme expand to three other countries.

The overall objective of the AVPP is to promote effective responses to armed violence through support for the development of an international policy framework founded on a clear understanding of the causes, nature and impacts of armed violence, and best practices generated from violence reduction and prevention initiatives to date.

Specific objectives include:

  • To contribute to strengthening national capacities to address armed violence from a human security and development perspective.
  • To promote institutional synergies and partnerships on armed violence prevention at the international and regional levels, and the development of informed strategies and policy frameworks for assistance.

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