Violence and Injury Prevention

Plan of Action for the Global Campaign for Violence Prevention for the period 2012-2020

This Plan of Action for the Global Campaign for Violence Prevention aims to unify the efforts of the main actors in international violence prevention and identify a small set of priorities for the field, by presenting six national level goals towards which efforts can be directed.

The first two goals aim to prioritize violence prevention within the global public health agenda; the next three aim to build strong foundations for on-going violence prevention efforts; and the last aims to promote the implementation of evidence-informed violence prevention strategies on parenting, life-skills, social norms, alcohol, the risks of firearm-related deaths and injuries, and services for victims. The objective of the Campaign in the coming years will be to support the achievement of these goals in countries around the world. These strategies have the potential to prevent multiple types of violence.

The target audience for this Plan of Action is the global violence prevention community, including governments, United Nations and official development assistance agencies, philanthropic foundations, nongovernmental organizations and academic institutions.

We encourage you to take every opportunity to:

  • Use this Plan of Action as a template for your own relevant plans and activities;
  • Bring this Plan of Action to the attention of partners in national government;
  • Refer to this Plan of Action whenever your activities may be contributing to it;
  • Provide feedback on this Plan of Action and your efforts to implement it.

Contributions of VPA participants to the implementation of the Plan of Action

For a summary of how the Plan of Action’s goals coincide with those of VPA participants and how VPA participants will be contributing to achieving these goals, please see the following spread sheet:

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