About the Violence Prevention Alliance

The Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) was officially formed in January 2004 at the WHO-hosted Milestones of a global campaign for violence prevention meeting. The Milestones meeting reviewed the progress made in the first year following the 2002 launch of WHO's World report on violence and health (WRVH) and its subsequent Global Campaign for Violence Prevention (GCVP), and looked to the future to plan activities to be undertaken as part of the GCVP.

VPA is an opportunity for groups from all sectors (governmental, non-governmental and private) and levels (community, national, regional and international) to unite around a shared vision and approach to violence prevention that works both to address the root causes of violence and to improve services for victims. Under the umbrella of the GCVP, VPA participants intend to strengthen support for data-driven violence prevention programmes based on the public health approach and ecological framework outlined in the WRVH and to facilitate implementation of the WRVH recommendations.

Initial VPA efforts concentrate on interpersonal violence, while at the same time addressing its links with other forms of violence. (Please see The VPA Approach for definitions of violence). Interpersonal violence alone causes a significant portion of worldwide violence-related deaths and disabilities, and its many sub-types are closely related to self-directed and collective violence. VPA participants are committed to adopting a public health approach to interpersonal violence prevention and to participating in consensus-determined activities to promote further adoption of this approach.

The VPA is not a grant-making organization. There are no costs associated with participating in VPA, nor will VPA remunerate participants for their participation.


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