Community Network Coalition Against Violence (CNCAV)

CNCAV is the largest state violence prevention/intervention partnering effort in the United States. CNCAV represents a new strategic alliance of the Washington Family Policy Council, its 39 Community Network Coalition affiliates and the Washington Health Foundation who have come together to expand the size, scope and visibility of violence prevention/intervention efforts in Washington State. The focus is on building community partnerships to reduce child abuse, youth violence, domestic violence, youth suicide and other major social problems and is funded by the Family Policy Council and the Gates Foundation among others.

Using the Adverse Child Experience (ACE) study, which represents leading research on the effects of child abuse, domestic violence and other traumatic child experiences; the CNCAVhas established a foundation of violence prevention within 39 communities across the state of Washington. With more than 500 community partners the CNCAV has designed, launched and continuously evaluates more than one hundred initiatives in the prevention and intervention of domestic violence, child abuse, youth violence, school dropout and youth suicide. Partners include hospitals, schools, service agencies government agencies, non-government agencies, volunteers, community groups, business community, faith community, law enforcement, public health and nearly every type of major agency in the state.

The initiatives reach throughout the state of 6 million people and include: changing police protocols to improve the system response for children exposed to domestic violence, finding safe places for victims of domestic violence, improving school prevention and intervention plans for reducing youth suicide risk, changing state law to make it easier to intervene with children whose parents operate drug labs, setting up neighborhood family support networks to extend the child welfare system’s intervention strategies into the prevention arena, changing policy that prevents violence statewide among many more initiatives.

VPA focal person

Keith Cernak, MSPH, MBA
Executive Director, Partners
Tel: +1-425-260-3026

Keith Cernak has a Master’s Degree in health planning and research from the University of Hawaii and was a Research Director for Hawaii’s Department of Public Health. In the 1970’s he was involved in health planning and epidemiological projects throughout the South Pacific including Western Samoa, Micronesia and Guam. In the 1980’s he completed his MBA in finance and strategic planning at UCLA. He entered the corporate world where he was a senior executive at a major U.S. Fortune 50 firm in San Francisco responsible for more than a billion dollars of joint venture transactions. Seeking to apply his joint venture development skills back to more humanitarian causes, Keith moved to Seattle, Washington where he created the Partners For A Healthier Community/Partners Against Violence (Partners) effort in the 1990s.

For the past thirteen years Keith has managed the Partners effort that has developed joint ventures between more than 50 health systems, community groups, schools, community service providers and businesses to prevent violence. Partners led Keith to become the first Executive Director of the newly formed CNCAV. His expertise is in creating social and financial leverage through partnership development to address critical health/social issues.