Worldwide Alternatives to Violence (WAVE)

Cameron House
61 Friends Road
Croydon, Surrey
United Kingdom

WAVE Trust (WAVE standing for Worldwide Alternatives to ViolencE) was set up in 1996 with the mission "to create a world free of violence, where every child is loved and cared for, and every human being is treated with dignity and respect".

It is an international charity, set up to reduce violence and child abuse around the world with a business strategy approach. This entailed two initial steps:
1) identifying the root causes of violent behaviour, and
2) identifying global best practice in addressing these root causes.

For the first nine years of its existence, the charity mainly carried out research, creating an international panel of expert advisers consisting of leading academic and practitioner experts in fields such as child maltreatment, domestic violence, anti-social behaviour, criminal violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, the infant brain and parenting.

The conclusions from this nine years of research were captured in the Report Violence and what to do about it which attracted extensive attention and became widely used by police forces and policy makers in the UK.

Since 2005, the charity has worked closely with Government, civil servants, police and local authorities to promote a prevention approach to tackling violence. Its strategic focus is identifying what works in shifting public policy thinking and then delivering what it takes to do that.

It is not WAVE’s role to take direct action to turn its ambitious mission into reality, but to continue to act as a catalyst for change and, through its knowledge and research, to inform and inspire those who set the policies so that they can take the necessary actions.

WAVE is currently working on a five-year plan whose goal is to be the catalyst for a 70% reduction in child maltreatment and adverse childhood experiences by 2030, with a consequent beneficial impact on levels of violence.

VPA focal person

George Hosking
Chief Executive
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8688 3773
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8688 6135

WAVE was founded by George Hosking. He uses the same approach to this work as he did throughout his career as an international business strategist: changing performance through identifying and understanding root causes, rather than operating on symptoms. Already an economist and accountant, in mid-career George trained as a psychologist and clinical criminologist, doing therapeutic work with violent criminals in prison and after release.

George is co-author of WAVE’s report Violence and what to do about it, which sets out a strategy for tackling violence. WAVE currently advises the UK Home Office, Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, Metropolitan Police, Scottish Violence Reduction Unit and Centre for Social Justice on violence reduction.