Violence Research Centre, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge

Sidgwick Avenue

The Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge, UK, is one of the leading criminological research institutions worldwide. Its mission is to contribute high quality research on the causes of crime, the operation of the police and the criminal justice system, and the development of more effective ways for preventing crime. The Institute of Criminology has particular strengths in longitudinal studies on the origins of antisocial and criminal behaviour in human development, and in research on evidence-based crime prevention. Academics like Professor, David Farrington, the current director, Professor Lawrence Sherman, and Professor Friedrich Loesel are amongst the leading proponents of a research-based crime prevention approach that can inform policy-makers about ‘what works’. The Institute has several research centres including the Jerry Lee Centre for Experimental Criminology (Director, Professor Lawrence Sherman), The Prisons Research Centre (Director, Professor Alison Liebling), and the Violence Research Centre (Director, Professor Manuel Eisner).

VPA focal person

Professor Manuel Eisner
Tel: 0044 1223 335374

Professor Manuel Eisner is the Director of the Violence Research Centre (VRC). The centre aims to contribute to the advancement of the understanding of the causes, the consequences, and the prevention of interpersonal violence through longitudinal research, cross-national comparative studies, outcome evaluations, and systematic reviews. It takes an interdisciplinary perspective that draws on theoretical approaches and empirical findings from criminology, psychology, biology, political science, sociology, and history. To achieve its mission the VRC works closely with academics and policy-making institutions both nationally and internationally.