Child Welfare League of Canada

226 Argyle Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2E 5A1

The Child Welfare League of Canada (CWLC) is a membership-based, national organization dedicated to promoting the protection and well-being of vulnerable children and young people. CWLC plays a leadership role in promoting best practices among those in the field of child welfare, child rights, child and youth mental health and youth justice. CWLC advocates for public policies, legislation and funding, to achieve a supportive, respectful, effective, coordinated, rational and accountable system of support for children and families.

To help achieve this goal, CWLC works with other national, provincial/territorial, local and Aboriginal organizations to identify shared goals to ensure that the needs of vulnerable children, youth and families are met. In addition, CWLC monitors public policy and legislative activities and proposes effective and accessible initiatives on behalf of all children and families.

VPA focal person

Gordon F. Phaneuf, MSW
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Child Welfare League of Canada
National Consultation Centre, CWLC

Gordon Phaneuf has had long affiliation with violence prevention, with a particular focus on child abuse prevention. His work in the area of violence prevention has been varied, and it includes advocacy, programme development, policy analysis, knowledge exchange, front-line child protection, and surveillance. He has served as a technical advisor to the Governments of South Africa (Department of Social Development) and the United States (Health and Human Services); the World Health Organization (Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability); UNICEF; and, several Provincial/Territorial governments in Canada.

Spearheading a national program of research and surveillance on child abuse and neglect, he established the Child Maltreatment Division within the Government of Canada. He has represented the Canadian Government at a number of international forums on child abuse, including the World Congresses against the Sexual Exploitation of Children (Stockholm, 1996) & (Yokohama, 2001). He played a leadership role in establishing the Tri-National Consultation on the Sexual Exploitation of Children (Philadelphia, 1996). He has led the development of a number of cross-disciplinary and multi-sectoral initiatives on children’s issues at the regional, national and international levels in both the public and not-for-profit sectors.