Hesse Department of Social Welfare and Integration

Hessisches Sozialministerium - Hesse Department of Social Welfare and Integration
Referatsleitung Prävention und Schutz vor Gewalt, Hilfen zur Erziehung
Section Head Violence Prevention and Intervention, Child and Youth Protection
Dostojewskistrasse 4
D - 65187 Wiesbaden

Hesse tools to guide health sector responses to interpersonal violence, including the Schutzambulanz Fulda, a health assessment centre for violence victims in the Fulda public health agency (pilot project):

Violence prevention is a cross-cutting focus in the Hesse Department of Social Welfare and Integration, a state-level ministry in Germany, with special emphasis placed on violence prevention in the family, trafficking of human beings, and youth violence and crime. The Department’s responsibilities cover a broad spectrum, including primary prevention for families with infants and pre-schoolers, healthy communities, protective services for vulnerable populations, integration of foreign population groups, public and occupational health, support of health professions, social security, labour promotion schemes, and social entrepreneurship.

The Hesse Department of Social Welfare and Integration plays a leadership role in violence prevention. In addition to securing financial support of protective services and shelters in Hesse and contributing to legislative reforms, the Department has been instrumental in creating formalized and sustainable multi-institutional cooperation both within and outside the state’s borders. The Department has initiated a number of task forces in which experts from state and community agencies and NGOs have developed cabinet-level action plans, policy documents, practical recommendations, as well as specific tools, such as health response protocols for victims of violence. The Hesse Department of Social Welfare and Integration facilitates capacity building through international exchange as a founding member of the European Violence Prevention in Health Network and the Violence Prevention Alliance and by actively collaborating with additional networks.

VPA focal person

Nancy Gage-Lindner
Tel: +49 (0) 611 817 2473
Fax: +49 (0) 611 890 84183
Email: Nancy.Gage-Lindner@hsm.hessen.de

Ms Gage-Lindner was born in New York City in the United States of America, and educated in the United States, France and Germany. She holds an AB degree in comparative literature from Smith College, USA, and a law degree from the University of Hamburg, Germany.

Initially an attorney-at-law, Ms Gage-Lindner has been in government policy positions in the areas of gender equality and child welfare since the early 1990s. As section head in the Hesse Department of Social Welfare and Integration, her responsibilities entail drafting legislation, policy and programme development and research support at state and national levels in Germany and within the European Union. She has served as chairperson of the Hesse Task Force on Violence in the Home and of the Hesse Task Force on Trafficking in Human Beings, both multi-sectoral advisory boards mandated by the Hesse state cabinet.

The delivery of health care to violence victims has been a primary focus of her work for nearly twenty years. She is founding member of transnational networks involving the health sector whose tasks include the analysis of health services, violence incidence and prevalence research, promotion of community level and multi-national cooperation between health actors and victim advocacy, tool development and policy reform.