Medics against Violence

Medics against Violence
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Glasgow Dental Hospital and School
378 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JZ

(Charity No: SC041153)

Medics against Violence was founded in Glasgow in 2008 by three surgeons, two maxillofacial surgeons, and an oral surgeon who between them have seen many young people scarred for life as a result of violence. Surgeons and others in medicine and nursing have to deal with the consequences of violence on a daily basis and to date have simply received the injured, repaired their injuries and sent them on their way. Medics against Violence decided that it was time that healthcare joined the campaign to reduce violent injury, which is a preventable problem.

Medics against Violence's current initiative, which will be the first of many, is a project which will see senior doctors go in to secondary schools and use their experiences in dealing with the victims of violence to try to influence attitudes to violence among Scottish youth - particularly in relation to knife carrying and gang membership. Medics against Violence currently has 65 medics signed up to participate in the initiative in Glasgow alone; all are volunteers. Following the official launch in November 2008, this initiative will roll out across Scotland.

A hard hitting 15-minute film to be shown in schools entitled ‘Your Choice’ has been produced for the organization and will be central to discussions with young people. Medics against Violence is working with teachers and others in education to develop lesson plans around this theme which can subsequently be used by the schools. The programme will be fully evaluated and will evolve and grow over time. Medics against Violence are determined to make a difference.

The initiative has central funding from the Scottish Government and the organization works closely with the Violence Reduction Unit at Strathclyde Police.

VPA focal person

Dr Christine Goodall
Tel: 0141 211 9655

Dr Christine Goodall is an academic oral surgeon who works as a senior lecturer at Glasgow University. She has worked in hospitals around Glasgow for the past 12 years and dealt with many victims of violence. Violence and alcohol are the main focus of her research and she is currently running a randomised controlled trial of brief interventions for alcohol and violence in facial trauma patients.