Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY)

Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY)
Borgergade 13
P.O. Box 2107
DK-1014 Copenhagen

Prevention is a relatively new area for DIGNITY. Since the mid-1990's, the organization has expanded its scope of work to include the prevention of torture and organized violence on both national and international levels.

In recent years, DIGNITY has in--cooperation with its partner organizations--gained a series of concrete experiences internationally in the field of prevention. This experience shows that DIGNITY and the partner organizations, through the treatment work and the contact to the torture survivors, have quite a unique access to information about the causes of torture and organized violence and to the perpetrators of torture. Thus, DIGNITY has a unique basis of identifying and initiating prevention activities.

While most human rights organizations seek to improve the general human rights situation in their partner countries, DIGNITY focuses on human rights aspects with special implications for the prevention of torture and organized violence.

DIGNITY works with three professional approaches to prevention:

  • The legal approach focuses on how national and international legal systems and instruments can be used in the fight against torture and organized violence.
  • The health-professional approach concentrates on the health-professional possibilities of documenting and preventing torture and organized violence in prisons and other closed institutions.
  • The development-oriented approach focuses among others on strengthening the civil society through public organizations and rehabilitation. Through such activities, DIGNITY and its partner organizations help develop the action possibilities of the local community (empowerment).

VPA focal person

Jan Ole Haagensen, Ph.D.
Director, International Department
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