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The research group, headed by Professor Peter Donnelly, at St Andrews University’s School of Medicine focuses on violence prevention and health systems. In the area of violence prevention, the research group works closely with WHO and other partners in a number of countries including Jamaica, Lithuania, and South Africa. Closer to home, the research group is evaluating a violence reduction and gang member rehabilitation programme in Glasgow, and working on a number of issues related to the Scottish Government's “Equally well programme”. The research group’s other main focus is on health systems – their organisation, funding, governance and accountability and how they can be optimised to maximise patient benefit and to reduce health inequalities. In this area, the research group has worked with WHO, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Milbank Memorial Fund in New York, and policy-makers and politicians from around the world.

VPA focal person

Prof Peter D. Donnelly hon. DSc MD MPH MBA FRCP FRCPE FFPH
Professor of Public Health Medicine
University of St Andrews
Scotland, UK

A graduate of Edinburgh Medical School, Peter Donnelly joined the Medical School at the University of St Andrews as Professor of Public Health Medicine in September 2008. Professor Donnelly serves on the international editorial board of Public Health. He is a member of the technical board of the New York-based Milbank Memorial Fund and is on the steering group of WHO’s Violence Prevention Alliance. He works extensively with WHO on a range of issues.

From 2004 to 2008 he was Deputy Chief Medical Officer to the Scottish Government. He had previously held a variety of senior academic and service posts in Scotland and in Wales. Professor Donnelly is a past Vice-President of the United Kingdom Faculty of Public Health and past President of the United Kingdom Association of Directors of Public Health.