The UBS Optimus Foundation

Established in December 1999 by UBS AG, the UBS Optimus Foundation is an independent grant-making foundation committed to improving the wellbeing of children.

It is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and led by a small team with diverse professional experience in child health, protection, and education.

The UBS Optimus Foundation believes that all children deserve every opportunity to grow and thrive, free from debilitating disease, neglect, abuse, or marginalization. The UBS Optimus Foundation supports the development, validation, promotion and dissemination of innovative approaches and ideas to improve the education, protection and health of disadvantaged children around the globe, regardless of their political, religious or ethnic backgrounds. It applies a systematic four-phase value chain approach to grant-making and invests in lasting outcomes rather than temporary short-term solutions.

VPA focal person

Patricia Lannen, PhD
Program Director Child Protection
Phone: +41-44-234-31-47

Patricia Lannen works as program director in the area of child protection with the UBS Optimus Foundation and manages the international Optimus Study on sexual victimization of children and youth, among other projects.