VPA Assets Database

The VPA Assets Database is an interactive web-based inventory of the resources and activities of VPA participants. Its purpose is to strengthen partnerships and collaboration within the VPA and with outside organizations and to make the network of networks constituted by the VPA more visible and accessible.

The VPA Assets Database includes information on:

  • VPA participants (location, contact details, etc.);
  • Types of violence and violence prevention activities (e.g. data collection, advocacy, primary prevention, evaluation, etc.);
  • Other networks, alliances, and coalitions VPA participants lead or are members of;
  • Countries in which participants are active;
  • Their main partners and their contact details; and
  • Resources participants have to share with other VPA participants, such as research skills, tools and materials, advocacy and training resources, communications resources, etc.

For the moment, the Assets Database is only accessible to VPA participants. In the future, the wider public will also have access to it.

To access the VPA Assets Database, please visit:

Log in with the the user name and password you received when you entered the information on your organization in the database; then go to the left hand black box where you will see a menu. In the bottom entry, “VPA Assets”, point your browser over the red arrow and a menu will appear with several options for searching the database as well as updating your information. Click on an option to either update your data, search the database by keyword or by browsing and querying key issues, or searching by organization.


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