2010 Annual Meeting of the Violence Prevention Alliance

The annual meeting of the Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) will be held in Rome, Italy, on 3-4 June 2010. The aims of the meeting are to:

  • Discuss and agree on a new structure for the enlarged VPA
  • Discuss, amend, and finalize:
    - A new VPA Charter
    - A global five-year strategy for violence prevention, to be led by the VPA
  • Discuss and decide upon a VPA funding mechanism;
  • Review progress on the VPA priorities
  • Review VPA working group activities and consider setting up additional working groups.

Over 50 participants are expected to attend this meeting, including:

  • VPA participants
  • Italian Ministry of Health participants
  • Observers (e.g. prospective VPA participants; other UN and international agencies)
  • WHO staff.

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