VPA project groups

Members of the VPA engage in various project groups. Some of these groups focus on cross-cutting areas such as capacity development and communications, while others focus on specific technical projects such as the parenting project group. Further information on the work of the project groups and some of their products are listed below: .

Training project group
Co-chairs: Jerry Reed (jreed@edc.org – Education Development Center), Rebekah Hunt (rhunt@edc.org – Education Development Center) and Berit Kieselbach (kieselbachb@who.int – WHO);

The aim of the training project group is to contribute to human and institutional capacity development for violence prevention by advancing the development of short courses on key topics in violence prevention for use in the field, and by mapping of the various violence prevention training initiatives available in the field.
The training project group collected information on existing trainings for violence prevention in a database: http://www.gcocp.org/vpa/

Parenting project group
Co-chairs: Cathy Ward (Cathy.Ward.SA@gmail.com – Safety and Violence Initiative, University of Cape Town), Theresa Kilbane (tkilbane@unicef.org – UNICEF), and Christopher Mikton (miktonc@who.int – WHO)

The aim of the parenting project group is to advocate for reductions in the incidence of violence against children through increasing effective parenting. In view of the small evidence-base that is applicable to low- and middle-income countries, its work has a particular focus on those regions. Increasing parenting capacity promotes healthy child development as a whole (for instance, better parenting leads to improved educational outcomes), and the synergies created by good parenting early in life reduce the likelihood of violence and aggression later in life.

Research agenda project group
Chair: Harriet MacMillan (macmilnh@mcmaster.ca – PreVAiL)

The aim of the research agenda project group is to establish a consensus-based list of research priorities for global violence prevention for the next five to seven years on behalf of the VPA. The research agenda project group conducted a Delphi survey among researchers and practitioners worldwide to identify the most relevant research priorities for the coming years.

Storybank project group
Chair: Maria Valenti (MValenti@ippnw.org)

The VPA storybank working group is exploring using the VPA web platform to provide members and the public online access to personal stories about victims and survivors of violence, and others affected such as families and health professionals. The goal is to make these stories available for education and policy work on violence prevention, including media outreach, to help illustrate the human costs of violence.

Academic collaborators project group
Co-chairs: Bandy Lee (bandy.lee@yale.edu), Peter Donnelly (pdd21@st-andrews.ac.uk)

The academic collaborators project group aims to contribute to increasing the evidence base on interventions that work to prevent interpersonal violence in particular in low- and middle-income countries. The project group provides support to authors from such countries in publishing violence prevention intervention research in international journals and in strengthening research capacity.

Products of former project groups

Violence Prevention Alliance and Education Development Center. Why invest in violence prevention?
Violence Prevention Alliance. Violence prevention: an invitation


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