Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition Information System (VMNIS)

Number of countries categorized by public health significance of anaemia

Public health problema Preschool-age childrenb Pregnant women Non-pregnant women
Number of countries Number of countries Number of countries
None 2 0 1
Mild 40 33 59
Moderate 81 91 78
Severe 69 68 54

a The prevalence of anaemia as a public health problem is categorized as follows: <5%, no public health problem; 5-19.9%, mild public health problem; 20-39.9%, moderate public health problem; ≥40%, severe public health problem.
b Population groups: Preschool-age children (0.00-4.99 yrs); Pregnant women (no age range defined); Non-pregnant women (15.00-49.99 yrs).


de Benoist B et al., eds. Worldwide prevalence of anaemia 1993-2005. WHO Global Database on Anaemia Geneva, World Health Organization, 2008.