Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition Information System (VMNIS)

Proportion of school-age children population with insufficient iodine intake

Proportion of population and number of individuals with insufficient iodine intake in school-age children (6-12 years) based on urinary iodine (UI) below 100 µg/L, by WHO region, 2003.

Table adapted from the following document:

de Benoist B et al., eds. Iodine status worldwide. WHO Global Database on Iodine Deficiency
Geneva, World Health Organization, 2004

WHO Region a Proportion of population with UI < 100 µg/L (%) Population with UI < 100 µg/L (in millions) b
Africa 42.3 49.5
Americas 10.1 10
South East Asia 39.9 95.6
Europe 59.9 42.2
Eastern Mediterranean 55.4 40.2
Western Pacific 26.2 48
Total 36.5 285.4

a 192 WHO Members States
b Based on population estimates for the year 2002 (United Nations, Population Division, World Population Prospects: The 2002 Revision)