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Vitamin A deficiency data by country

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Afghanistan [pdf 38kb]
Algeria [pdf 29kb]
Angola [pdf 31kb]
Antigua and Barbuda [pdf 26kb]
Argentina [pdf 37kb]
Armenia [pdf 44kb]
Australia [pdf 30kb]
Austria [pdf 29kb]

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Bangladesh [pdf 145kb]
Belgium [pdf 26kb]
Belize [pdf 32kb]
Benin [pdf 35kb]
Bhutan [pdf 37kb]
Bolivia [pdf 37kb]
Bosnia and Herzegovina [pdf 22kb]
Botswana [pdf 34kb]
Brazil [pdf 119kb]
Burkina Faso [pdf 62kb]
Burundi [pdf 31kb]

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Cambodia [pdf 58kb]
Cameroon [pdf 53kb]
Canada [pdf 44kb]
Cape Verde [pdf 30kb]
Central African Republic [pdf 35kb]
Chad [pdf 38kb]
Chile [pdf 30kb]
China [pdf 103kb]
Colombia [pdf 35kb]
Comoros [pdf 29kb]
Congo [pdf 38kb]
Cook Island [pdf 27kb]
Costa Rica [pdf 34kb]
Côte d'Ivoire [pdf 42kb]
Croatia [pdf 29kb]
Cuba [pdf 33kb]
Czech Republic [pdf 29kb]

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Democratic People's Republic of Korea [pdf 32kb]
Democratic Republic of the Congo [pdf 30kb]
Denmark [pdf 31kb]
Djibouti [pdf 32kb]
Dominica [pdf 29kb]
Dominican Republic [pdf 40kb]

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Ecuador [pdf 36kb]
Egypt [pdf 63kb]
El Salvador [pdf 39kb]
Eritrea [pdf 32kb]
Ethiopia [pdf 97kb]

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Fiji [pdf 33kb]
France [pdf 51kb]

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Gabon [pdf 26kb]
Gambia [39kb]
Germany [pdf 39kb]
Ghana [pdf 65kb]
Greece [pdf 37kb]
Guatemala [pdf 46kb]
Guinea [pdf 33kb]
Guyana [pdf 33kb]

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Haiti [pdf 43kb]
Honduras [pdf 44kb]
Hungary [pdf 26kb]

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India [pdf 173kb]
Indonesia [pdf 115kb]
Iran (Islamic Republic of) [pdf 34kb]
Iraq [pdf 28kb]
Italy [pdf 54kb]

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Jamaica [pdf 29kb]
Japan [pdf 149kb]
Jordan [pdf 44kb]

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Kazakhstan [pdf 34kb]
Kenya [pdf 76kb]
Kiribati [pdf 33kb]
Kuwait [pdf 33kb]
Kyrgyzstan [pdf 30kb]

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Lao People's Democratic Republic [pdf 44kb]
Lebanon [pdf 29kb]
Lesotho [pdf 38kb]
Liberia [pdf 34kb]

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Madagascar [pdf 49kb]
Malawi [pdf 68kb]
Malaysia [pdf 40kb]
Maldives [pdf 34kb]
Mali [pdf 61kb]
Marshall Islands [pdf 36kb]
Mauritania [pdf 33kb]
Mauritius [pdf 28kb]
Mexico [pdf 64kb]
Micronesia, Federated States of [pdf 54kb]
Mongolia [pdf 51kb]
Morocco [pdf 40kb]
Mozambique [pdf 46kb]
Myanmar [pdf 46kb]

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Namibia [pdf 29kb]
Nepal [pdf 118kb]
Netherlands [pdf 33kb]
New Zealand [pdf 22kb]
Nicaragua [pdf 52kb]
Niger [pdf 44kb]
Nigeria [pdf 74kb]
Norway [pdf 28kb]

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Oman [pdf 36kb]

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Pakistan [pdf 47kb]
Panama [pdf 38kb]
Papua New Guinea [pdf 35kb]
Peru [pdf 71kb]
Philippines[pdf 107kb]
Poland [pdf 28kb]
Portugal [pdf 26kb]

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Republic of Korea [pdf 31kb]
Russian Federation [pdf 35kb]
Rwanda [pdf 43kb]

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines [pdf 28kb]
Samoa [pdf 27kb]
Sao Tome and Principe [pdf 28kb]
Saudi Arabia [pdf 36kb]
Senegal [pdf 53kb]
Serbia [pdf 22kb]
Singapore [pdf 31kb]
Solomon Island [pdf 26kb]
South Africa [pdf 77kb]
Spain [pdf 35kb]
Sri Lanka [pdf 67kb]
Sudan [pdf 54kb]
Switzerland [pdf 34kb]

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Tajikistan [pdf 30kb]
Thailand [pdf 89kb]
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia [pdf 29kb]
Timor-Leste [pdf 30kb]
Togo [pdf 22kb]
Tonga [pdf 19kb]
Trinidad and Tobago [pdf 19kb]
Tunisia [pdf 31kb]
Turkey [pdf 80kb]
Tuvalu [pdf 26kb]

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Uganda [pdf 41kb]
United Arab Emirates [pdf 28kb]
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland [pdf 55kb]
United Republic of Tanzania [pdf 78kb]
United States of America [pdf 60kb]
Uzbekistan [pdf 32kb]

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Vanuatu [pdf 28kb]
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) [pdf 59kb]
Viet Nam [pdf 96kb]

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West Bank and Gaza [pdf 34kb]

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Yemen [pdf 32kb]

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Zambia [pdf 52kb]
Zimbabwe [pdf 54kb]

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