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The day: World Water Day 2005 (and beyond)


Water for Life!

The theme/slogan puts at centre-stage the various links and communicates a sense of urgency and immediacy. The theme is also “open-ended” and lends itself to creative visual and textual interpretation for expressing a multiplicity of individual/collective human emotions and contexts. The theme can also be interpreted relatively easily into different contexts, cultures and languages. Water for Life can be interpreted in many different ways, based on regional and national priorities/contexts. In its broad interpretation, the theme allows for the establishment of intersectoral linkages that would otherwise remain unexplored, such as between irrigated agriculture and health, or between wetland conservation and health. The public-at-large, civil society and the media are the primary audience. National governments and policy-makers are the secondary audience.

The theme is a call to reach out beyond the community and to link with worldwide efforts of international agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments and the community-at-large. It is an opportunity to capitalize on the energy and commitment of people, and to achieve a common goal: to bring global and local attention and to galvanize action, so that every person on the planet is less vulnerable to water stress, water-related disasters and poor water quality.

All actions planned for World Water Day 2005 will work towards raising awareness of the general public and bringing about a positive change in public opinion, which in turn influences policy-makers. A range of activities in every country will make the difference.

World Water Day is a unique opportunity to draw attention and to create momentum that compels governments, the international community, civil society and individuals to take action. On the day, it is anticipated that your organization will be one of the hundreds of organizations around the world hosting events related to Water for Life. It is expected that each country will celebrate World Water Day in its own manner. Join us now in planning a successful day.

The logo

The logo for the UN International Decade for Action Water for Life 2005–2015 depicts two horizontal waves of water at the bottom from which two human hands are emerging. The hands are cupped around a single fountain of water spray depicted by a dotted line that branches into two after leaving the hands. The words "Water for Life 2005–2015" appear below the wave and are centred in the middle of the image. The image is in a single shade of blue and can also be used in black and white.

Water for Life Decade logo

Organizers are reminded that the design, slogan and the logo are copyright property of the United Nations and should be used together solely to identify events and materials related to World Water Day and the Decade. The design may not be reproduced for the purpose of self-promotion or obtaining any commercial or personal financial gain, nor may it be utilized in any manner which implies the UN's endorsement of the activities or products of a commercial enterprise. For full details of use of logo, please see Annex A.

The web site will emphasize the importance of the Decade and World Water Day(s), featuring information from around the world on the day and throughout the year. The web site will be updated regularly up to and beyond 22 March. The web site for the UN International Decade for Action Water for Life 2005–2015 address is www.un/waterforlifedecade.

The web site

If your organization wishes to share information about your events, you are encouraged to complete Feedback Form A at the end of the Advocacy Guide.

As the lead agency, the activities of the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) will consist of the launch of the Decade through a booklet, video and song on CD. The Decade will be officially launched at the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) in New York in April 2005. The booklet for the UN International Decade for Action Water for Life 2005–2015 will be presented on World Water Day, 22 March 2005, when the Water for Life Decade is launched.


Aims of the booklet

Key steps in your planning process:

  • To communicate the purpose and aim of the UN International Decade for Action Water for Life 2005–2015.
  • To introduce key issues relevant to water: the current challenges and situation, some facts and figures. The main areas covered are: water for health, biodiversity and environment, agriculture and energy. Cross-cutting issues are: a gender perspective on water and sanitation, and water and the MDGs.
  • To provide suggestions/recommendations of what can be achieved in the Decade.

Pasos principales del proceso de planificación:

Getting started

Transform your local/national statistics into key messages and stories; use statistics to develop a list of key messages and stories that can be used depending on the target audience. The messages and stories should support successes, identify gaps and set out the next steps in your Water for Life campaign. Afterall, your campaign is a media event, so work with them and assess your impact.

  • Collect information
  • Develop key messages
  • Mobilize others and plan events
  • Work with the media
  • Assess impacts of your efforts.

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