Water sanitation hygiene

Vision, mission and strategic objectives

The WASH vision and mission

The attainment by all peoples of the lowest possible burden of water and sanitation-related disease through primary prevention.

  • Providing leadership in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene related issues (by making authoritative statements, influencing policy and coordinating networks of partners and collaborating centres)
  • Normative work (mainly on water quality, but also on monitoring approaches and interventions, usually resulting in guidelines and best practice texts)
  • Providing evidence (through various monitoring activities, but also through commissioned research)
  • Supporting Member States (through technical cooperation and capacity building)
  • Responding to emergencies (the role in the Health Cluster - WASH in healthcare - and in the WASH cluster - restoring safe water supplies and adequate sanitation)
  • Knowledge management (through analysis, synthesis and dissemination of reliable and credible information)

WASH strategic priorities

Regional offices

Collaborating centres