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Assess the impacts of your efforts


Lessons Learnt

In order to find out what impact your efforts have had to plan for follow-action, assess the success of the day:

  • Compile a summary of events.
  • Review successes and challenges with the planning committee to understand what was accomplished, what needs immediate follow-up and what lessons can be learned. Disseminate the summary widely among your planning committee partners and other groups. This information can be useful in planning for future events.
  • Prepare a brief questionnaire. Some key questions to ask are:
    • What elements contributed to your success? What were the main obstacles?
    • How many people did you reach? What are the main follow-up actions?

Collect news paper clippings, TV spots, radio broadcast…

Organize a “Thank you” event for members of the committee. This is a way to build on the success of World Water Day, and to strengthen relations between the committee members. This can lay ground for the future collaboration.

Remember to keep World Water Day issues bubbling throughout the year!

Water and health advocacy: A practical guide for World Water Day 2001: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 | Next page

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