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Organize your planning efforts


Form a water & health planning committee

To make World Water Day a success:

  • Invite people/organizations/groups that you work with and that you know are active or interested in water and health. They can suggest other members.
  • Members might be from national or regional organizations related to water or health. These include medical associations, water associations, Ministry of Environment, national water agencies and departments, Ministry of Health, non-governmental organizations, media, private water companies, etc.

Try and include members of these groups in the planning committee!

When selecting committee members you should consider the following:

  • Who is the target audience for your World Water Day activities? media, politicians, NGO's, your government, international bodies, public health professionals, environmental and medical students, water associations…
  • Who have you worked with successfully in the past? NGO's, students, public health professionals, media…
  • Which new groups would you like to get involved? Politicians, international water associations, hospitals, health organizations, the media…

In your water and health planning committee you should:

  • Set reasonable objectives for World Water Day based on time and resources (e.g., how many people to target through what kind of event).
  • Develop interesting and relevant activities and events for World Water Day.
  • Consider mobilizing external resources by involving private industry and businesses.
  • Determine what each member can contribute and assign tasks and responsibilities.
  • Give yourself deadlines for accomplishing the various tasks.
  • Make provisions to assess the impact of your efforts.

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