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Mobilize partners for actions


The art of getting noticed—activities and events

Develop ideas for activities and events that will create news, provide people with important and interesting information, and raise their awareness. Activities and events that create a sense of urgency can mobilize people to become new partners in World Water Day.

Mobilize private industry and business

Approach local businesses and industries with an outline of activities and events for World Water Day and ask for their involvement and support. Explain to them how their participation shows enlightened self interest! As well as supporting a good cause it will increase their profile and visibility in the community.

Organize information and education events

Discussions, forums, seminars and courses are useful events to provide and exchange relevant and interesting information with the public, NGO's, business groups, medical associations, and water associations. You can discuss the implications of not taking action, state what can and should be done to improve water in your country. Address any of their concerns.

Organize awareness and “infotainment” events.

Infotainment = information + entertainment

Parades, competitions, street events, quizzes with a water theme … create media attention and get the message out to large numbers in an interesting, entertaining and stimulating way. This is a good means of reaching people who might be attracted to more traditional events such as seminars or meetings.

Involve celebrities as spokespersons

Choose individuals who are well known and respected within the country or community and who can bring positive attention to World Water Day and in particular to water and health. Invite personalities in music, film, TV, politics e.g. environment minister, mayor, president, prime-minister etc. Find out if a well known person lives in or near your area—they may be more likely to give ‘local support’ to your event. Remember it takes time and preparation to get celebrities involved. Celebrities are often not aware of the causes and consequences of the subject matter. So make sure they are briefed in advance. Specify clearly to their agent/manager, or to them how you want them to contribute and the message you hope to put across.

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