Water Sanitation Health

Guidelines for safe recreational water environments

Volume 2: Swimming pools and similar environments


World Health Organization

Publication details

Number of pages: 118
Publication date: 2006
Languages: English, Italian
ISBN: 92 4 154680 8


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Volume 2 of the WHO Guidelines provides an authoritative referenced review and assessment of the health hazards associated with swimming pools and similar recreational water environments; their monitoring and surveillance; and management measures available for the minimization of assicaited health risks including education of users, good design and construction, and good operation and maintenance. The Guidelines include both specific guideline values and good practices. They address a wide range of types of hazard, including hazards leading to drowning and injury, deteriorated water quality, contamination of associated facilities and air quality.

This volume will be useful to a variety of different stakeholders with interests in ensuring the safety of pools and similar recreational water environments including national and local authorities; facility owners, operators and designers (public, semi-public and domestic facilities); special interest groups; public health professionals; scientists and researchers; and facility users.