Water Sanitation Health

Waterborne zoonoses: identification, causes and control

Edited by J.A. Cotruvo, A. Dufour, G. Rees, J. Bartram, R. Carr, D.O. Cliver, G.F. Craun, R. Fayer and V.P.J. Gannon

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Zoonoses are diseases caused by microorganisms of animal origin that also infect humans. Zoonoses are of increasing concern for human health; next to pathogens with human-to-human transmission, they are pose the greatest challenges to ensuring the safety of drinking-water and ambient water, now and in the future.

The phenomena of “emergence” and “re-emergence” of infectious diseases is well recognized. Up to 75% of emerging pathogens may be of zoonotic origin. A significant number of emerging and re-emerging waterborne pathogens have been recognized over recent decades; examples include E. coli O157:H7, Campylobacter, and Cryptosporidium.

Waterborne Zoonoses: Identification, Causes, and Control provides a critical and balanced assessment of current knowledge about waterborne zoonoses and identifies strategies and research needs for anticipating and controlling future emerging water-related diseases. The book brings together the opinions of world experts across a wide range of disciplines and provides an invaluable tool for all professionals concerned with assessing and managing waterborne disease in humans or animals.

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