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Chemical hazards in drinking-water: Nitrate and nitrite

Nitrate and nitrite are considered in the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality (GDWQ). For details on the revision of the background document for nitrate and nitrite, see the section Rolling revision of the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality.

The current background document and chemical fact sheet for the 4th edition of the GDWQ are available.

For individual chemicals, the GDWQ also consider:

Rolling revision of the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality

Nitrate and nitrite are included in the rolling revision of the GDWQ. The draft background document is now available for review. Comments are welcome using the comment sheet below.

Comments on the document should be sent before 15 January 2016 to the following e-mail address: gdwq@who.int

Other publications of interest

For guidance on developing strategies for risk management and monitoring of chemicals in drinking-water see:

Protecting surface water for health: Identifying, assessing and managing drinking-water quality risks in surface water catchments (In preparation)