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Chemical safety of drinking-water: assessing priorities for risk management


The Chemical safety of drinking-water: Assessing priorities for risk management supporting document provides tools that allow users to undertake a systematic assessment of their water supply system(s) locally, regionally or nationally; to prioritize the chemicals likely to be of greatest significance; to consider how these might be controlled or eliminated; and to review or implement standards that are appropriate.

The Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Final Task Force meeting (Geneva, 2003) emphasized the need for further, substantive guidance on sampling and monitoring and noted that this has already been taken into account to some extent in the supporting document on identifying priority chemicals in drinking-water (monitoring scope and frequency for selected chemicals).

Expected end-product(s)

Supporting document for publication in 2004/05.

This is now available as a draft for comment.

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Comments on the draft would be welcome and should be submitted by e-mail before 30 November 2004.