Water Sanitation Health

Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality, 2nd edition

Volume 3 - Surveillance and control of community supplies

WHO, Geneva, 1997.
ISBN 92 4 154503 8

Volume 3 describes the methods used in the surveillance of drinking-water quality in the light of the special problems of small-community supplies, particularly in developing countries, and outlines the strategies necessary to ensure that surveillance is effective. It is also concerned with the linkage between surveillance and remedial action and with the form that remedial action should take.

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Rolling revision of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality

The updating of Volume 3 of the Guidelines is included in the plan of work of the rolling revision of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality.


The Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Final Task Force meeting (Geneva, 2003) recommended that Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Volume 3 (Surveillance and control of community supplies) be updated through moderate editing in order to align it with the third edition (including terminology) and to better account for issues of small community supplies in middle- and upper-income countries. The update should include alternative technologies for in situ disinfection of household water (e.g., “bricks,” tablets). This could be linked to preparation of a Volume 4. The updating should include a full review of technical efficacy and programme experience with approaches to disinfection of household wells. The meeting also recommended that the discussion of WSPs for small systems be expanded in an updated Volume 3. The need for substantive guidance on sampling and monitoring should be reviewed in the context of the book “Water Quality Monitoring”. WPRO supports the need for increased guidance on WSPs for small systems.

Expected end-product

Updated Volume 3 of Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality (Community Systems), publication date unknown

Progress to date

The Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Working Group meeting (Geneva, 2004) agreed to a plan of work. The Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Working Group meeting (Geneva, 2005) decided that there was no major urgency to update Volume 3 and that it should be revisited in parallel with the fourth edition.

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