Water Sanitation Health

RegNet Membership

For the purpose of RegNet, a drinking-water regulator is defined as a professional tasked with ensuring the safety of drinking-water production and quality through setting and/or enforcing appropriate regulations and standards and/or independent surveillance at national and sub-national levels.

Members participate as representatives of their organizations. A maximum of two or three members are to be identified per country. Interested parties who fit the above criteria may ask to be considered for membership by emailing: RegNet@who.int

Other individuals or organizations with specific expertise and experience in drinking-water oversight and other relevant areas may be invited to join the network, on an as- needed, case-by-case basis, based on the nature of their activities and ability to contribute on a technical/project basis.

The World Health Organization acts as RegNet host and coordinates network activities. In order to give regulators a space to discuss and share important issues and to decide the best way forward in particular situations in the interests of public health, there is significant attention to confidentiality and membership is limited to drinking-water regulators, as defined above.