Water Sanitation Health

Surveillance of drinking water quality

WHO Monograph, 63
ISBN 94 4 140063 3
© World Health Organization 1976

In this publication are assembled information and guidelines for planning, organizing, and operating programmes for surveillance of drinking-water quality at the national or regional level in the developing countries. The monograph is intended for use by officials with public health responsibilities and those responsible for the production and distribution of drinking-water, engineers and sanitarians engaged in public health or water supply activities, water treatment plant operation, and other persons who have a professional interest in water supply.

The guidelines presented here originated from a study of methods and procedures for the surveillance of drinking-water quality in developing countries initiated in 1968 under an arrangement between WHO and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, with Projessor F. E. McJunkin as principal investigator.

Information was obtained through on-site reviews of surveillance programmes in some eight countries; from correspondence and interviews with health and water supply officials and members of the WHO secretariat dealing with problems of environmental health; from comments and suggestions made by the panel of reviewers; by review of WHO publications and unpublished documents, especially country reports, questionnaires, and cholera team reports; and by review of the technical and scientific literature.

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