Agua, saneamiento y salud (ASS)

Manejo del agua en la vivienda: beneficios acelerados para la salud derivados del abastecimiento de agua mejorado

Social and economic aspects (inglés)

System Imported Items Initial cost of hardware (per capita; per household) Annual operating cost per capita and household
Boiling None None (assumes use of a cook pot) Varies with fuel price; expensive
Ceramic filter Filter candles $5; $25 $1, $5 for annual replacement
SODIS and SOLAIR (solar disinfection by UV radiation and heat) None (assumes spent bottles available) Cost of black paint for bottles or alternative dark surface (roofing) None
Solar heating (solar disinfection by heat only) Solar cooker or other solar reflector Initial cost of solar cooker or reflector & water exposure and storage vessels Replacement costs of solar reflectors and water exposure and storage vessels
UV Lamp Systems UV lamps and housings Initial cost of UV system: US$100-300), $20-60 Power (energy); lamp replacement ($10-100) every 1-3 years
On-site generated or other chlorine and narrow-mouth storage vessel ("USA CDC Safewater" system) Hypochlorite generator and associated hardware for production and bulk storage $1.60; $8.00 $0.60/$3.00 (estimated by USA CDC); costs may be higher for different sources of chlorine and for different water storage vessels
Combined coagulation-filtration and chlorination systems Chemical coagulant and chlorine mixture, as powder or tablet Use existing storage vessel or buy a special treatment and storage vessels (US$5-10 each) Chemical costs at about $US7-11 per capita per year ($35-55 per household per year, assuming about 2 liters per capita (10 liters per household)/day